Treatment Of Eagle’s Syndrome With Homeopathic Medication Analyses Of 202 Clinical Cases

Treatment of Eagle’s Syndrome with Homeopathic Medication
Analyses of 202 clinical cases
Eagle’s syndrome is characterized by the calcification of the stylohyoid ligament causing limitation on the cervical movements and intense pains in the area. Usually, they have confused to the others disturbances such as alterations of the temporomadibular joints. The diagnosis of this entity is done by clinical and radiographic exams. In this work we reported cases of the Eagle’s syndrome, as well as a brief revision of the literature, standing out the importance of the diagnosis of this uncommon entity and its treatment; with the objective of catering to the business professional greater information as regards to the differential diagnosis and consequents to the handling broker of the aches orofacial pain.
Recent researches have demonstrated that the prolongation of the style-hyoid process and isolated calcification of the ligament style-hyoid are not uncommon events and that the panoramic x-ray is adjusted for the study of the Syndrome of Eagle.
The more common painful symptom involving the style-hyoid process was first described for Watt E. Eagle in 1937, and is known as Syndrome of Eagle. It occurs when appears the prolongation of the style-hyoid process or calcification of the style-hyoid ligament, associate to the painful in the temporo mandibular region.
This is described generally for: persistent pain in throat aggravated by the deglutition and related for the ear of the side of the prolonged style-hyoid process; reduction of the salivation; problems with deglutition; nausea; sensation of strange body in the throat and vertigos in some cases. The style-hyoid process is considered prolonged when it exceeds the 30 mm.
Yet its etiology is very argued, existing only theories such as (a) the ossification after traumatic; (b) of anatomical variation. The treatment in the cases less severe uses the analgesic. Some authors recommend to the infiltration of 0,5 the 1 ml of synthetic cortisone.
How the Homeopathies can assist in the treatment of the Syndrome of Eagle? Hering used the Hekla lava in dental pains, osseous growth, and growth maxillaries. Generally it is indicated in alterations of the tissues osseous generated by trauma or infections
At the final eight years I did the diagnosis and treatment of 202 cases about Eagles’s Syndrome, and I’ve got some considerations above what I use for the medication homeopathic, using a improvement scale from zero (without improvement) to five ( much better )such as :
·         10 they forsook the treatment
·         10 only with adjustment occlusive ( average =3,0 )
·         20 only with apparatus  (average = 3,0 )
·         29 with adjustment + apparatus    (average = 3,5 )
·         65 with adjustment + Hekla lava  (average = 4,0 )
·         68 with adjustment + apparatus + Hekla lava (average 4,8 )
It can be concluded that:: (a ) The syndrome of Eagle mainly occurs in the adult age and women, being the pain its main symptom; (b) The diagnosis is eminently radiographic and  physician ; (c) The treatment still consists in problem both for the surgeon-dentists and the surgeons of head and neck, because in the majority of the cases the clinical treatments are not efficient and the surgical treatment can cause sequels undesirable.