Management In Dentistry Viability Economic Of The Homeopathy In Dentistry’s Office

The present study, it searched to show the economic viability of the utilization of Homeopathies in the dentistry service in particular doctor’s office, by dealing with a subject still not explored, inside of the Dentistry.
It knows that the Homeopathies presents one high degree of quality of life, it generated for its performance in the susceptibility of the individual, diminishing its possibility of becoming ill; of this form it acts strong in the prevention, that is a urgent need and imperative, not only for the desire of welfare of the peoples, but as well for reasons of social-economic order.
Currently, the common sense is about the health problems can be prevented through writs of prevention and the Homeopathy can be this way, not only for generating quality of life with a very lesser cost, as well as increasing the yield of the doctor’s office for the generation of profits.
Then two points that must be addressed, one is the client and the other is professional.
How can homeopathy help you?
With respect to the client
·         an improved quality of life
·         an increase effectiveness in the prevention and with this
·         a decrease in treatment costs, as expenses for corrective treatments
With respect to the dentist
·         a decrease in treatment costs, by reducing the cost per hour. (This reduction was from 3.2% to 642% - depending on the procedure rated)
·         a customer royalty
·         a differentiation of the office