Homeopathic Approach Into The Tmj And Oral Facial Pain

Autora: Dra. Maria José Carvas PedroCurrently if it cannot deny the valuable contribution of the homeopathic medication in the treatments of TMJ’s; but we cannot simply say that it makes effect, we must show in a scientific form, thus being I have a Clinical Study to the Answers, in Dysfunction of the TMJ’s., with use Homeopathic the Medicine, wherever a work with evaluation was carried through double-blind person, carried through in students, volunteers, of the course of Dentistry. This group was chosen by its homogeneity, in age, cultural, social level, buccal conditions, cooperation, etc. This aimed the reduction of variables, being only the pertinent ones to the work, such as placebo X medicine; normal X pathological. The data had been collected in graphical tables and, analyzed statistically, arriving it the following conclusions: 1. That the pictures of dysfunction of the TMJ’s. , it depends on the presence of the susceptibility and not only of the presence of the Cause ocasionallis, as the school, traditionalist, gnatológical praise. 2. That the homeopathic medication diminishes this susceptibility, propitiating the symptom absence, exactly in the presence of Cause ocasionallis. Beyond this use with scientific evidence, I present other clinical cases, observing that the homeopathic medication was selected to assist in the reduction of painful phenomena, of humming; of anxiety; of trauma; of neuritis. In such a way looking for to demonstrate the place of the homeopathic in the Dysfunctions of TMJ and Orofacial pain.